Have you turned 40? Enjoy good health with the 6 healthy tips


There is a popular saying, “Health is Wealth”. There is no definite documentation to prove the fact or who had delivered it, but it’s true. Without good health heaps of wealth certainly can’t be enjoyed. Not either physically or mentally the heaps of wealth can be enjoyed with bad health.

The health value is degrading at a greater ratio with several environmental causes. Many persons have added daily exercises with balanced diet consumption in their daily schedule. With the growing older age, there are several health facts that need great concern. In this article, I would give you some tips for the growing older persons that would be helpful in leading a healthy life for long years.

Get concerned at this age and plan out a healthier journey

A milestone of the life journey is 40 years. At this age, many persons face risky health conditions. So the experts say, 40 is the age when a person needs to evaluate the health condition and make an effective plan for the long journey ahead. Rather we can say fort is the perfect time for humans to take a deep breath and plan out a healthy journey ahead.

6 most primitive health conditions to be concerned at the age of 40

  • The first health degrades that arises with nearing 40 age is the vision. The eyesight power of 40 years turned person starts getting worse. If you are turning 40, then get your eyes checked at regular intervals. Use the specs as guided by the Doctor because without the reading glasses you may miss some important that may be printed in small letters. Even use sunglasses for prevention of any further damage.
  • Blood pressure, cholesterol level, sugar level and body weight are to be checked by you as you are stepping ahead towards 40 or either have stepped. Check your blood pressure at convenient times at any pharmacy and test your sugar level in blood by a doctor. This can simply help you to detect any hidden disease causing factors.
  • The diseases are not only caused by the environmental causes but your family history can let you fall ill. This genetic disease transfer fact can affect you with cancer or heart disease. So dig out your family history as you are turning 40 and take preventive measures.
  • Onwards age 40, people start losing muscle mass every year up to 1 percent. You can get benefited from cardio vascular exercises and weight-bearing exercises. This needs to be added on to your routine. Focus on your body flexibility as it gets reduced 40 onwards.
  • The human metabolism slows down as stepping up to 40. Consuming few calories is enough to boost health. Ample of fiber consumption is required by you at this age. Also, add on fluids to your diet. Your diet chart must include protein, carbohydrates and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables that will keep you healthy.
  • As soon as you mark on gaining weight, and you feel worn out simply consider checking your thyroids. This is because the neck glands control the energy levels and regulates your hormones. 40 is the stipulated time when the threat arises in the glands.


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